"Venus Geist"
Spirit of the Sacred Feminine

Vanessa, alternate spelling of Venus.

 Tiegs, anagram of German Geist

Artist's Bio

Introduced in 2009 by her radio interviewer as, "a modern-day renaissance woman," Vanessa Tiegs began her creative career as a ballerina. At age 15, she was the youngest dancer to join the Zurich Ballet, performing on world-class stages Kennedy Center and Metropolitan Opera House, with Russian legend, Rudolf Nureyev, in 1983.

Before publishing Menstrala, she was an accomplished ballet coach, classical pianist, poet, architectural model builder, interior designer and calligrapher. She also is a licensed Getty Images photographer, and holds a 1989 Phi Beta Kappa Cum Laude Bachelor of Arts degree from Smith College as well as a 2001 Masters Degree in Women's Spirituality.


From 1991-99, she resided in The Netherlands and travelled throughout Europe visiting famous ancient archaeological sites in Malta, Crete, Sardinia, Prague, France, Great Britain, and Spain. Her passion for learning led her to study Hellenistic, Vedic, Karmic and Evolutionary astrology. Her combined use of vectors in cyclical analysis play a role in her invention of Monthmatics, a visual system plotting life events into cyclical contexts.


The Original Menstrala

Silverfish Spirits, painted in September 2000, is the genesis of the Menstrala collection, completed in 2003.


Galaxy Crossing, and several other Menstrala paintings, have appeared in international documentary films:

Period: The End of Menstruation?
Moon Inside You
A Flowering Tree

A Rock'n Art Scene

In 2009, rock star Dave Navarro, the guitarist from Jane's Addiction and The Red Hot Chili Pepper Band, visited the artist's San Francisco studio where they filmed a Menstrala art collab.

Menstrala Onboard USS Kitty Hawk in the Persian Gulf

As part of a social art experiment by a Navy crew member, prints of Timandra & Bulis were twice displayed on board the USS Kitty Hawk aircraft carrier in the summer of 2003.

Short Narrative Poem to Pegasus 
Offspring of Medusa and Poseidon

"Within the wake of their mother's distilled blood drops, the brothers Chrysaor and Pegasus pierce the vast veil of their Aunt's vengeance, Athena's curse on her sister Medusa.

Their omnipotent Father, giant Ocean God Poseidon, mysterious as the deepest sleep, mists his rain-dreams down on Earth's mortals each night.

Their beheaded mother, Medusa, representing the purest of majestic Beauty ever forsaken, now screams in the petrified rocks that hold all Memories of her having been once so gracefully omnipresent throughout the realm.

Gifted with unbound fearless freedom, Pegasus gallops in eternal flight, pioneering an Ether of Light to those with eyes to see, hearts to feel, and minds to envision all his magical inspiration from past to future."

Vanessa's Astro-Mythic Menstrala Series:
Depicting Star Stories From Her Natal Horoscope

Her archetypal portrayal of Persephone as "Queen of Hades" features an x-ray of her welded vertebral column and three of her Menstrala: Dragonrose, Eyes in the Oak, and One Root in a Thousand Seeds

The Morai: 
Klotho, Lachesis, Atropos (Weaver, Measurer, Cutter)

The Decoder:  Menstrual Blood Turned to Gold

The artist’s last Menstrala, No. 88, painted in 2003 and entitled The Decoder, features her menstrual blood conclusively turned to gold.


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