Menstrual Logic:
Humanity's Origin Mystery


“Death is humanity's final mystery, but menstruation is humanity's origin mystery. Lunar-menstrual logic birthed consciousness."

~ Venus Geist, Vanessa Tiegs

Rituals Are R'tu

The Sanskrit word r'tu means menstruation. The word ritual derives from it. The first rituals were women's blood rites of passage: menarche, defloration, or tearing the hymen of a virgin, menstruation, and childbirthing. These original first blood mystery rituals inspired men's parallel menstrual rites, such as the blood rites of piercing, tattooing, and circumcising, which are unnaturally induced forms of blood letting. From the braiding of human blood rites of passage amongst women and men, cultures developed and formed new rites to honor nature, such as the Rite of Spring, the Thesmophoria, The Heiros Gamos, and Oktoberfest. 

World cultures are rooted in menstrual logic. Dr. Judy Grahn's Metaformic Theory and Blood, Bread & Roses, explain how menstruation created world cultures. 


For example, what is a taboo?


The word taboo originates from Polynesian Tapua, meaning magical and menstruation.

Woman Is The Lunation

In the “Lunar Cosmology” of the Aymara people in the Andes Mountains of Bolivia, the word for the menstrual blood of woman is p'axsi wila, meaning moon blood, which also refers to the first glimpse of the new moon. (Denise Y. Arnold quoted by Dr. Judy Grahn.)


The word cosmetics, sometimes called make-up or war paint, derives from cosmetikos, meaning ordering the cosmos through symbols written on the body. (See Dr. Judy Grahn's Metaformic Theory and Blood, Bread & Roses).

Her Moon, Her Moan,
Hormone, Harmony & Her Money

The bright white full moon symbolizes pregnancy, or the ability to be impregnated due to her ovulation cycle when an ovum is ready to be fertilized, indicating that she is fertile.  


The hidden dark moon, the eclipsed red full moon, and the eclipsed black full moon, symbolize both menstruation and menopause, indicating that she is barren. 


Woman's two secretions within each lunation cycle are her two naturally flowing currents: her clear current flowing during ovulation, and her dark current flowing during menstruation. 


Her moon currents are the result of her hormones recycling in a feedback loop. Currents refer to a continuous flow of liquids. The flow of currencies represent cycling moons, or exchanging monies. Economic systems must remain fluid, or liquid to properly function. Currencies create the liquidity necessary for stable economies (eco-moons) to thrive.

Astrology: Electromagnetic Coding

We all manifest our stardom, the space-time map of the star-dome we were born under.  Our natal horoscope is the blueprint of our electromagnetic coding, how we utilize our emotional intelligence. The date, exact time, and location of our birth is needed for delineating our electromagnetic signature, which we are born to manifest. The horoscope merely gives us x-ray vision. Our horoscope can guide us to better self-understanding.


How does knowing astrology help menstruating women? By knowing the element, modality, condition and phase of her natal moon and then connecting that information with her menstrual rhythm, she gains incredible tracking insight to her emotional intelligence.

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