"Most women I know only feel the urge to paint with someone else's blood when it's that time of the month."

November 6, 2002

"The absolute worst thing any bitch has ever thought of."

No! Menstrual Blood Paintings No!

Bad Freak! Don't paint with menstrual blood! BAD! BAD!

Bleck! Not even funny. I hate that dumb bitch so much. Let's get her kicked off Livejournal!

"Well, obviously being a ballerina wasn't working, and she wasn't that great of an artist, so she had to get a gimmick."

"cant she just use paint? how much of it has to do with art, how much is for shock value."

"It's more than that; she's a Feminazi in need of a gimmick, obviously... she's just looking for anyway possible to say she is 'groundbreaking' because she needs mass attention."

"That's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen, including the movie faces of death. What the hell does she think she is accomplishing with that?"

"How does she name the paintings?"

"ughgh...i... i...i just.... im more disgusted with that than anything ive ever been disgusted at. ever.everything. moreso than chunky dunking."

"Getting a reaction is not art, getting people to talk about what defines art is what makes art art. In that regard these blood works have had a master stroke here."

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