"May the word Menstrala become universal, just like our cycles."

~Vanessa Tiegs, M.A.



Menstrala, the official name of the 21st-century worldwide art movement,

respectfully reframes humanity's oldest and most misunderstood taboo


American born artist, Vanessa Tiegs, was called a modern-day renaissance woman during her 2009 radio interview. 

"Using paint was not an option," stated the former classical ballerina and romantic pianist

Her full name carries the mysterious meaning of Psyche Geist, or Venus Ghost. The name Vanessa derives from Venus and one of the most prominent aspects of Venus is the goddess in her form as Psyche. The name Tiegs is an anagram of Geist, the German word that translates as spirit or ghost.

In September 2000, Vanessa Tiegs created her first painting, which she titled Silverfish Spirits:

Over the course of the next 3 years, she created 88 paintings which completed her Menstrala collection by 2003.

Menstrala deliver Vanessa's contemporary message about the spiritual mystery of womanhood: "Menstrual blood, the world's oldest and least understood taboo, is a source of psychological and cycle logical female power that has been ignored and forgotten." 

When asked what inspired her to create her paintings, she replied, "Humanity needs an affirmative memory of the most invisible taboo."  

Menstrala especially keep in mind girls who have just entered their puberty: "Menstrala respectfully and positively reframe the taboo. The paintings raise awareness of women's challenging predicament throughout womanhood. They redefine menstruation as a spiritual and creative renewal cycle. Artists who contribute to the art movement embrace the mystery of their womanhood and present a visual affirmation of their cyclical blood."

She further explains, "Because we are cyclical beings by nature, we cannot disassociate from the dark phase within cycles. Without the dark midnight hours in the 24-hour cycle, we would cease functioning as we know. We renew after a good night's sleep. This analogy on a bigger time scale such as the lunar cycle, shows that menstrual blood is woman's blood sacrifice for renewing her fertility to continue the procreation of humanity."  

Today, menstruation has become too easy to joke about. Memes and general reactions show how much menstruation needs more thoughtful discussion. The majority of girls do not receive support to deal with this difficult, often painful reality that affects their self-identity, self-esteem, self-worth and sexuality. "Finding one's voice is a part of maturing, and Menstrala give girls cultural validation to find their voice as young women." 

In closing, the artist asserts that it is much more psychologically harmful to watch cinematic bloodshed than to disassociate from natural, cyclical, non-violent, cycle logical, menstrual blood.

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